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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the PILLO1, how it works, payment options and other handy bits of information. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.
Our general recommendation is that anyone 5'3" to 6'3" tall should order the STANDARD, a person 4' to 5'3" should order a SMALL, and a person 6'4" tall or over should order the LARGE Pillo1. There are certainly exceptions: If a person under 6'4" and is somewhere around 6'2" or 6'3" and is quite muscular or has a large body frame with a long neck and generally weighs over 225 lbs, they would probably enjoy a LARGE size. If a person is around the 5'2" height with a "long" neck, he or she may be better suited for a "STANDARD" size. And finally a person 5'3" with a "short" neck be be best suited for a SMALL size. Through our extensive research on the fitting issue, there are variations to the sizing that we are generally recommending, but by and large, the size charts provided in the order page are very good guidelines for the exact fit for the dimensions of PILLO1. Also, it is very important to understand that the PILLO1 variability in sizes are for body types and dimensions and NOT for pillow sizes such as small, queen, and king sizes like most other beds and pillows. In fact, the length of the standard and large sizes are the same (however the length of the small is less) so don't decide the size of your PILLO1 based on your bed size but only with regard to your body size.
Yes, you should definitely use a pillow case. For both the standard and the large sizes, we recommend that you use a king size pillow case of your choice; that way, you can customize the look of your bedding as well as be able to wash your king size case and not take the custom cover on and off PILLO1. Removing the cotton-blend, handmade PILLO1 case will increase the chance of damaging the delicate eco-friendly foams and could reduce the life of the pillow.
Yes you can. However, as stated in answer 2 above, we highly recommend that you do not remove the cover, unless due to spills or stains, as removing and replacing could damage the delicate Talalay latex. If you do need to wash the cover, you can do so by turning the cover inside out, machine wash cold, and tumble dry with a low heat setting. We recommend that you DO NOT IRON the custom fitted case.
No. PILLO1 (referring to the foam construction within the case) can be dry-cleaned only.
Our pillows have been manufactured to the highest quality standards in the bedding industry. Hall Innovations warrants its pillows against any loss of resiliency or shape for a period of two (2) years. Any evidence of product abuse, tampering, or neglect of any kind other than typical home sleeping usage will void the warranty. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, in which if you are not completely satisfied you may return your PILLO1 back to us for a refund of the pillow's purchase price. We have had between 93% and 95% customer satisfaction rate so we are very confident that you will be extremely pleased with you purchase and that you will simply want to tell others about your improved life through better sleep with PILLO1. If an individualized Vendor or Distributor (Spa, Doctors Office, Retail store, Hotel, etc) from which you purchased your PILLO1 elects to offer a money back guarantee (most do not however), they will be solely responsible for the transaction but this will not be covered by the manufacturer, Hall Innovations, AKA PILLO1 other than the above stated two year warranty against shape and resiliency.
Yes. Once on your bed and tucked inside your king size pillow case, PILLO1 looks like an ordinary pillow but performs like no other. It is a highly engineered, intuitive pillow that your body will undoubtedly grow to love over time and you will find it difficult to ever do without. However, it may also take some time to adjust to sleeping on such amazing support. The important thing to realize is that positive structural and behavioral change usually takes some time and your body will generally become accustomed to the support somewhere between the 2nd and 4th week depending on the health of your spine and the pillow you have become accustomed to. Especially for older individuals who have been sleeping on a conventional pillow for many years that usually raises their head above their body, the new cervical support that aligns the spine for perfect sleeping posture, together with the "head perfect design" for side-sleeping, may initially feel a bit foreign. Sometimes, although not always, it takes a little time to get used to the new system and improved PILLO1 support but we know that you soon won't be able to sleep on anything else!
Talalay latex is naturally antimicrobial and does not have any chemicals or pesticides sprayed on for repellants of microbes. It is a very pure product that has been treated with freezing sub zero temperatures, and then rapidly raised to temperature up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, many microbes love heat and moisture to survive. Unlike most synthetics and visco memory foams that are oil based, Talalay latex has thousands of tubules that carry breathable air and create a natural coolness that many microbes and dust mites find uninhabitable.
Hypoallergenic literally means that it has a reduced ability of creating allergies- in PILLO1's case, due to the material that is within the product. Most people have been exposed to the thought that all "latex" can cause allergies. This is untrue. It depends on the way the latex is handled and processed. One of the primary "allergens" of some latex is the protein that is present in the sap of the rubber tree. Most believe that this protein is destroyed during the five-stage washing, and six-step Talalay manufacturing process, which cleanses any water soluble proteins. Through the mixture of soaps, rubber curing agents and latex, as well as washing and extreme temperature variations during the process, the proteins that usually cause allergies are neutralized and rendered inert, and thus generally have no reactions to the immune system of our bodies.
First, you can flip the pillow over and look at the underside of the pillow. Each Standard and large sizes of PILLO1 (Bell-Core does not come in the small size) come with a green sticker that says "FIRMER" which indicates the side of back lying center portion contours that will give you the most cervical support. If the removable sticker is pulled off at some point, you can see through the custom fitted cover and see the yellow colored Bell Core Technology which is a very clear contrast to the pure blue-green latex. Just remember yellow vs. blue-green.
The wonderful thing about PILLO1 is that you do have a choice of back lying resistance/support which Dr. Hall thought was important when creating the design. No two people are alike and there are obviously going to be variations to what type of support "feels right" and is comfortable to individuals. So Dr. Hall incorporated the best of both worlds with two highly thought-out variable resistances to satisfy more customers. To determine which side of the cradle is right for you, go with which side is more comfortable. As a general rule, for individuals new to PILLO1, Dr. Hall would suggest starting with the more conforming (not "firmer") "pure" latex (blue-green) side. It's just a little easier to get used to at first. However, we do have some people who prefer the more sustainable support of the PILLO1, C-shaped curve from the Bell-Core side. Both C-Shaped neck supports give you excellent comfort and control and they are the exact same dimension, simply a slight variability in resiliency over the course of the night. Simply put, the Bell Core side will maintain your cervical curve better than the more gentle side, although the gentle side may be easier to accommodate to, especially at first. You will just have to see which one works best for you. They are both great, but in line with creating the best pillow in the world, Dr. Hall wanted virtual adaptation to sleep and a design with some variability to fit everybody's needs.

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