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5 Ways to Ease Neck Pain While Sleeping

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5 Ways to Ease Neck Pain While Sleeping

Most people don't realize how important SLEEP is to getting neck pain relief. Here are some all natural pain relief treatment options to improve sleep and help heal your body at night. 

Natural Pain Treatment Options to Heal Your Body at Night: 

  1. Try to resist sleeping on your stomach.  This is a very difficult habit to break as we usually "learn" this position by the age of seven.  But the main reason I would seriously attempt to make the change is that stomach sleeping requires the neck to be turned up to 90 degrees in order to allow yourself to breathe which GREATLY stresses the discs, ligaments and muscles.  Sleeping on your side is a great alternative and sleeping on your back is generally the best position which allows a person (with the right pillow) to get the neck support needed to truly align your neck into the anatomically correct C-curve. Sleeping on your back also allows you to stretch out your hips to neutral which combats the compensations  that result from the flexed hips (ninety degree angle) while in the sitting position.  Most people sit about eighty percent of the day which plays havoc for the lower back.
  2. Allow yourself enough time for a good night's sleep.  Plan to sleep between 7 and 8 hours going to bed 8 hours before the sun rises.  This is generally ideal and allows you to use your natural circadium rhythm of the sun rising to help awaken you naturally.  Proper sleep gives your body health and healing through the DEEP (Delta) sleep and REM sleep phases.
  3. Limit alcohol and caffeine before bed.  Not having caffeine (stimulant) after noon will allow your mind and body to relax for a deeper sleep.  Limiting yourself to one to two glasses of alcohol in the evening will also help reduce the chance of interrupted sleep, especially in the second half of your sleep period.
  4. If you don't have or plan on getting a PILLO1 cervical pillow, an alternative to help support your neck is to roll up a very thin pillow or small soft towel creating about 2 to 4 inches in height under your neck for the proper C-shape (lordotic) support. Allow your head to gently fall over the top of the support and have it raised at least one to two inches by another towel, support or flat pillow. This will help to re-educate the body to sleep properly.
  5. Visit a chiropractor and ask for a personal assessment of your neck position while sleeping.  Chiropractors are very well trained to address the causes of why you might be having neck pain.  Through orthopaedic, neurological and oftentimes x-ray examination, they are trained to give you some excellent insight of why your neck pain is persisting and give you treatment and other suggestions on how to keep your neck and spine healthy.

Long-term neck pain relief is something that about 80% of the population looks for at some time in their life.  Try starting with these five tips and always remember that the position in which your head and neck rests at night is the MOST IMPORTANT factor of all for the maintanance of proper neck and spine health.

This is why I created PILLO1, a scientifically-measured neck and head support pillow designed to achieve perfect neutral position support- whether one sleeps on their side or back,  allowing for a restful, deep and healing sleep.  For those of you who sleep on your SIDE only, I also have a PILLO1 SideSleeper which has all of the same incredible features such as shoulder cut-outs and perfect support. You must try it now to enjoy a wonderful, restful and supportive nights' sleep.

I hope the above natural pain treatment options above help you achieve optimal health and pain relief.  Please try my PILLO1 Original or PILLO1 Side Sleeper pillow to Improve you Life through Better Sleep (TM). I know you'll be feeling better in no time!

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