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Is Good Sleep the Perfect Diet? The Pillo1 Neck Pillow Can Help

Is Good Sleep the Perfect Diet? The Pillo1 Neck Pillow Can Help

As if not getting enough sleep was bad enough... it also leads to unwanted pounds and weight gain?

Turns out, there are "heavy" implications to lack of sleep. If we are skimping on sleep, weight loss will be much more challenging and weight gain may be inevitable. 

Acccording to Web MD, "It's a vicious cycle, and eventually this sleep deprivation can sabotage your waistline and your health."

There are never enough hours in the day to work, exercise AND eat right for your diet, but quality sleep helps curb feelings of anxiety and improve your chances of weight loss. Sleep deprivation may be hurting your diet.

When you do lay down, it's vital to get good quality sleep to curb weight gain and improve your chances of weight loss. If you're tossing and turning because of neck pain, a sore back, or headaches, and waking up stiff and still tired, it's hard to stick to your diet, right? It's time for a change.

Could using a scientifically-designed cervical pillow put your diet back on track?

I developed the PILLO1 cerivcal pillow to reduce neck pain, heal the body and improve energy. Weight loss is just one possible amazing benefit you may experience with PILLO1. Stop the cycle of sleep deprivation and weight gain TONIGHT, while you sleep.

Rest easy,
Dr. Hall

About PILLO1:
Made in America, PILLO1 is a premium, hand-crafted cervical pillow designed to fight sleep deprivation, giving you a full night's rest and supporting perfect spinal alignment. Created for both back and side sleepers, PILLO1 is the most eco-friendly cervical pillow on the market made of non-toxic hypoallergenic latex foam.  

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