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PILLO1 Promotional Video

PILLO1 Promotional Video

PILLO1, the innovative pillow invented by Chripractor Dr. Raymond Hall, has experienced great success in a short period of time since the product was brought to market in January 2010. Now, just over a year later, PILLO1 is on the verge of experiencing its greatest spike in growth yet. PILLO1 has just been picked up by two of the largest online retailers of bed and bath furnishings (including Sharper Image ), and will soon be sold online through these retailers. PILL01, with professional help from Afflatus Productions, recently shot a new promotional video to share with their distributors and to educate the public on the importance of restorative sleep in the ultimate supportive back and side sleeping postures.

The concept of this new promotional video is to show healthy lifestyle changes and improvements that are brought about when people are getting the correct restorative and complete sleep. "The video aims to reflect the lives that our customers have been able to enjoy after using PILLO1" Hall says, "We have so many testimonials from customers that say they are sleeping more soundly and waking up with more energy and productivity during the day".

Hall believes that PILLO1's intuitive chiropractic design better meets the increased demands brought on by our technological society. "Spending hours in front of the computer screen, hunching over desks, Ipads, cell phones, and all of our 21st century technology, is creating greater physical demands and stressors on our cervical spine and back".These demands can and should be remedied with deep sleep in a supportive, aligned sleeping position". PILLO1 is different from conventional pillows, which are essentially just amorphous foam or fluff, because it allows for that correctly supported sleep, whether lying on your back or side. Old conventional thinking for pillows cannot compare. It is time to evolve.

Keep an eye out for the promotional video, which will be out soon. Here are a couple shots of the promo video shoot, which took place at the Halls' home. A special thank you to Afflatus Productions for their work on the video. Also thank you to all who worked on this video - you did an excellent job!

Photo: Bedroom shot showing PILLO1's intuitive design for tranquil sleep

Photo: The crew having a light lunch during the shoot

Photo: The PILLO1 Lifestyle

Photo: Ray and Andrea Hall, owners and inventor of PILLO1

Photo: Family picnic shot

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