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Are You a Side Sleeper?

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Are You a Side Sleeper?

Tossing and turning...  The most loathed words in the world of sleep are often a result of not finding a comfortable sleeping position. Shouldn't our bodies just naturally find a way to let us peacefully rest?

Sleeping on your back, flat with a well supported neck, can be healthy. Just make sure you don't end up on your stomach - in addition to the unnatural positioning of your spine, stomach sleeping also puts unhealthy pressure on your neck and internal organs, leaving you stiff in the morning.

If you are a side sleeper, you fall into the same category as two-thirds of the world, who feel the benefits of a neutrally aligned back and neck when they fall asleep. Side sleeping is great, with only one major flaw. 

Ever feel like your shoulder is always in the way, or that your neck doesn't have the proper support it needs?

The main reason side sleepers haven't found the maximum comfort they desire: until now, there have not been pillows available that accommodate the side sleeper style. Finding the best pillow for side sleepers has been challenging. 

The PILLO1  Original cervical pillow has back lying neck contours with a cradle to perfectly support the head and has uniquely-designed cutouts  for a contour shape that allows room for your shoulders- while maintaining the neck support needed to keep you properly aligned whether sleeping on one's back or side.  However, the PILLO1 Sidesleeper is the best pillow for people who spend 100 % of their slumber on there sides and here's how:

UPDATE: In summer 2014, Dr. Hall  invented the new SIDE SLEEPER design to provide optimal support of the head and neck for those who only sleep on their sides!  Responding to the 63% of Americans who are only sleep on their sides,  this ingenious design has a butterfly appearance for the perfect comfort of the head, neck and jaw whether sleeping on your right or left side. Order the best pillow for side sleepers today! 

Let tossing and turning be a thing of the past.

Sleep well- for your health!!
Dr.  Raymond Hall 


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