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How valuable is a night of comfortable sleep to you?

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How valuable is a night of comfortable sleep to you?

The dictionary defines VACATION as a respite - a rest - from something. Yet, all too often,  we go on vacation while remaining plugged-in and overly-scheduled.  Tthe "rest" part of vacation is overlooked. 

And the worst part? Spending lots of money on vacation only to return home with a stiff neck ache from the flight and feeling totally exhausted.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on vacation, perhaps you could get away tonight,  taking an 8-hour STAYCATION in your own bed!  

A staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home, participates in leisure activities and sleeps in their own beds at night. 

Rest is within reach! Order a PILLO1 cervical pillow for improved sleep and neck and back pain relief. PILLO1 truly is a luxury staycation - in your bed!

About PILLO1:
Made in America, PILLO1 is a premium, hand-crafted cervical pillow designed to give you a full night's rest and support perfect spinal alignment. Perfect for both back and side sleepers, PILLO1 is the most eco-friendly cervical pillow on the market made of non-toxic hypoallergenic latex foam.  

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