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Why Sell PILLO1?

Provide your clients with the #1 choice in intelligent sleep®.  Developed by renowned integrated wellness spine specialist, Dr. Raymond Hall, PILLO1 is designed to provide superior support to the head and neck, helping your clients achieve deeper, more restful and restorative sleep.  As spa and wellness experts and facilities, you can complement treatments by providing Dr. Hall's highly innovative pillow designs that have been making a massive impact on people's health and relaxation around the world.

  • Two Models to Choose From

    PILLO1 Original, for back and side sleeping, and the PILLO1 Side Sleeper for those who prefer side sleeping only.

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic certified materials

    PILLO1 is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. It is also 33% more pressure relieving, 7x more breathable, and 20x more durable than memory foam. Not made from crude oil like most memory foam pillows, PILLO1 is made from natural Talalay latex which is derived from the sap of a rubber tree.


    Both PILLO1 models are designed to keep the head and neck in the proper neutral position while sleeping. The Original design also provides push back support for the cervical spine to enhance, support, and re-establish the normal curve in their neck.

  • Doctor Designed

    Dr. Hall's 30 years of experience led to the perfect ergonomic and clinically tested pillow that improves comfort and reduces pain.

  • Made in USA



Customer Testimonials

Spas and Wellness PILLO1 Testimonial

As a brand that puts a great deal of focus on the need for ‘healthy sleep', we seek out partners like PILLO1 that are strong players in the quest for better sleep health. We discovered PILLO1 after a top health spa asked our advice on the more effective and well-established companies that address adjustments in lifestyle to promote a higher quality of sleep. After much research and extensive discussions with his team, we recommended PILLO1 and Dr. Hall. We are very comfortable with recommending the entire PILLO1 package to any spa or wellness center seeking to provide tried and true products for their guests!

Shanon Hoffman - Publisher, Healing Lifestyles & Spas

PILLO1 Benefits

  • Experience Neck Pain Relief and Better Sleep

    As a neck specialist, Dr. Hall's in-depth knowledge of the spine, arthritis and repetitive stress injuries, Dr. Hall invented what is now the most luxurious and healthful cervical pillow on the market.

  • Independent Sleep Study Results

    People using PILLO1 increased their REM sleep, fell asleep faster, and went into persistent sleep faster; all improving their sleep experience.

  • Why is PILLO1's Foam Better Than the Competition

    PILLO1 is made from natural Talalay Latex foam which is hypo-allergenic, dust-mite, mold and bacteria resistant, 33% more pressure relieving, 7x more breathable, and 20x more durable than memory foam. PILLO1's foam has also received OEKO-TEX certification against harmful chemicals & substances.

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