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The Best Therapeutic Pillows for Neck Pain Relief, Spine Support, and Excellent Sleep

Change the way you sleep with PILLO1. As the first doctor-designed therapeutic pillows on the market, PILLO1 provides the perfect sleep experience. Get one today, and you’ll never worry about neck pain and other pillow-related aches again!

Experience the PILLO1 Difference

PILLO1 is invented and perfected by Dr. Raymond Hall, a renowned sleep science expert, spine specialist, and wellness chiropractor. Made with materials that meet the highest quality standards of the industry, PILLO1 offers unparalleled spine support, neck support, and pressure relief for prone and side sleepers alike.

PILLO1 is available in three types:
  • PILLO1
    Gel-infused Memory Foam
    Available in Original and Side Sleeper
  • PILLO1 Latex
    Talalay Latex
    Available in Original and Side Sleeper
  • PILLO1 Beauty
    Coconut-based, Luxurious Comfort
    Available in Standard pillow size, comes with a poly-satin pillowcase and FREE shipping

Our PILLO1 Accessories

Given the customized structure of PILLO1, you’ll be hard-pressed to find pillowcases that can accommodate their exact size and shape.

Keeping your therapeutic pillow in a tailor-fit case is crucial to getting the full PILLO1 experience. Which is why we’ve developed these customized accessories:

  • Luxury Poly Satin Outer Pillowcase
  • Additional PILLO1 Side Sleeper Fitted Cover
  • Additional PILLO1 Original Fitted Cover
  • PILLO1 100% Cotton Outer Pillowcase
  • PILLO1 Travel Bag

Forgoing a pillowcase is an option, but it’ll cost you more in the long run. You’ll need to have your pillow washed professionally—as using a regular washing machine is inadvisable—more often. Keep your PILLO1 clean with our PILLO1 accessories.

Choosing the Right PILLO1

For the best sleep experience, it’s crucial that you purchase the right PILLO1. Here are Dr. Hall’s recommendations when selecting a LATEX PILLO1:

  • For those who are over 200 lbs., order a large pillow.
  • For those who are 110-200 lbs., order a medium pillow.
  • For those who are under 110 lbs., order a small pillow.

Dr. Hall recommends the following for MEMORY FOAM PILLO1 shoppers:

  • For those who are over 220 lbs., order a large pillow.
  • For those who are 90-220 lbs., order a medium pillow.
  • For those who are 40-90 lbs., order a small pillow.

Follow these guidelines to find the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper and prone sleeper alike. For more information on PILLO1 selection and use, visit our FAQS page or complete our contact form to get in touch with customer service. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Guarantee and Warranties

The warranty for PILLO1 varies depending on the type:

  • Latex pillows come with a two-year warranty against any loss of shape or resiliency.
  • Memory foam pillows come with a one-year warranty for any loss of shape or resiliency.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee for neck pain relief—get a refund at the highly unlikely event that your purchase fails to provide an optimum neck support.

With a 95% customer satisfaction rate, we are confident that you’ll find your purchase a durable, “worth it” investment. Our warranties and 30-day guarantee, however, are exclusive to our direct clients. They don’t apply to purchases made from distributors and retail stores.

Invest in Intelligent Sleep with PILLO1!

Your pillow has a direct impact on your sleep experience, so use one that caters to your sleep style and needs —choose PILLO1! In addition to intelligent support and comfort, our pillows come with a money back guarantee for pain relief and year(s)-long warranties. Ensure quality sleep no matter what position you favor!

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